The braided beard can be an idea if this kind of hair is growing and you are not ready to cut it. It is reasonable since most men don’t really like to shave. That is why; you may let this body part to grow naturally.

Usually, the wild facial hair may be gotten for at least a month or maybe more of not shaving. It depends on your genetic condition. Some men are maybe having conditions where their beaver can grow so fast. Meanwhile, the rests are not.

Whatever the genetic condition is; you must manage that part once it got longer than before. Some products are now available in the market where these things are specially made for your hair in the face area. What are its aims?

The aims are for sure to create your beaver is healthier. If it is not, you could choose a product based on your problem. The example is to form your facial hair is not too dry and many more again. Then, you are ready to style it.

The Ideas for Long Braided Beard

One thing for sure is that this part must be long enough to be styled. It will be easier for you to maintain or manage braided beard. In addition, to make it is looked more interesting, you can color it with several different dyes.

So, do you need a professional to create a braided beard? Well, actually it depends on your condition. If it is your first time doing this way, asking the professional to create it is okay, it is a great solution if you are not confident.

However, as time goes by, it is better to learn about styling braided beard and you must know that the ideas are so easy to make. Besides that, you don’t need to lose some money too. What are those ideas? Here are the lists.

Cornrows Braided Beard

Cornrows Beard

The first is cornrows style. This one is started by dividing the hair into three parts, if you are unable to do it by yourself, the expert could do it is well. Usually, the cost is around $50 – $100 based on quality.

French Braid Beard

French Braid Beard

To make this look, your facial beaver must be at least 4 inches long. After that, you are able to weave it comfortably. Make sure that you can grab 3 separate strands to start making this amazing style. There is a question for it.

Do you need to wash your beaver before? Actually, you don’t have to do it. However, if you find out that this process is a little bit difficult, it is recommended to apply the oil. You can use the baby oil or others which are not harmful.

Braided Mustache

Braided Mustache

In fact, the braided beaver could be looked cooler. To do so, create the braided mustache as well especially if it is long enough. Make sure that you choose the right concept for both of them. It will be looked amazing.

Beard Ponytail

Beard Ponytail

It means that you shape your beaver like a ponytail. As you know that ponytail is a common style for hair. If you decided to use this concept, don’t forget to prepare several small rubbers for this part. You can even create one or more ponytails.

To make this look is more stylish, you can do the same hairdo. It means the ponytail. It will enhance your overall performance. In addition, applying the wax or gel is also a great idea. It suits any kind of outfits.

Red Beard Viking

Red Beard Viking

As it is named, you must dye your beaver with the red color first. The typical concept of this one is when there are 2 long braids in it. Those must be growing from the chin area, it will be better if it is long and also thick.

Twisted Braided Beard

Twisted Beard

It is the right option if you want the out-of-the-box look. You can twist the facial beaver into several shapes. However, you need the special wax to do it. This wax is beneficial to shape and style these men’s parts easily.

Try to find a style that suits you the most from braided beard, You have to consider your face characteristic as well. Some twisted look is maybe just perfect for certain looks. That is why; find a lot of examples first in several sources available.

Plaited Beards

Plaited Beards

You cannot deny that this look is also interesting. This option is so neat and can give a clean impression to the one who is applying it. However, since it is quite complex to do, you may need professional help.

Thor Beard Braid

Thor Beard Braid

Thor is a super popular character from a movie. It is played by Brad Pitt. This idea is thick of the messy style; whether for the hair or facial hair. The character has long hair in black and blonde color.

That is why; you can color it first to get Thor’s style. The top part of the hair is set to the back, meanwhile, the braid use is the basic one. That is why; you could do it by yourself at home.

How to Grow the Healthy Beards

Before making the stylish braided beard, it is important to grow a healthy facial beaver first. It will make this style is looked awesome. To start everything, you must wash that area first. Use the warm water to wash it.

The area which is recommended is the lower half of your face. After that, rinse it with clean and soft clothes, make sure that it has been dried properly. After that, you can comb it. The recommended one is the thin toothed comb.

To make it is easily manageable and trimmed; you could use the special oil. To do so, take a few drops of it in your hands and apply it gently, after that, if it is needed, cut the beaver is also able to be done.

If you have successfully grown this facial hair, don’t forget to do treat it properly. You can apply the nourishing products which are sold in the market. It is also possible to do a massage. The braided beard can be also washed regularly with the right shampoo. See another article about High Top Dreads Style Recommendations for Any Occasions.