Is the Toyota Avalon a Good Car?

In 2021, the Avalon was named our 2023 Best Large Car for Money because of its tremendous value and solid quality. The big sedan also won a spot in our list of top family cars thanks to an outstanding combination of cargo space and passenger roominess (not to mention safety ratings that are better than many competitors). Add on plenty o’ features such as Bluetooth connectivity or satellite radio compatibility, plus positive reviews from automotive journalists across the board – nobody’s doubting this car is one heckuva ride.

The 2023 Toyota Avalon is a top-of-the line luxury sedan with all the bells and whistles. You can enjoy comfortable seating for adults, plenty of technology features like its infotainment system, standard safety tech to make sure you’re safe on the road too! It’s V6 engine has enough pep to get you where you need goin’ fast AND it offers excellent fuel economy estimates that are unmatched by any other vehicle in this class. In fact, we believe it might be one of only two vehicles out there (Lincoln MKZ being the other) which offer AWD models as an option – but beware: these options come at a cost and if what your looking for is economical driving then those aren’t bad choices.

Should I Buy ?

If you’re looking for a large, family-friendly sedan that will get the job done every day but won’t break your wallet, then we recommend purchasing Toyota’s Avalon. The price is higher than some of its competitors like Camry and Kia Cadenza so be sure to do some research before making up your mind.

What’s the Difference?

Toyota showcased their 2021 Avalon model with new and improved features, including Android Auto compatibility. The company also introduced an all-wheel drive system paired with a four-cylinder engine for drivers looking to have more control on various terrains when driving. In addition, the XSE Nightshade Edition will be coming out next year in black exterior accents that are sure to showcase your status while still staying classy!

How Much Does the Toyota Avalon Cost?

The Avalon is Toyota’s flagship luxury sedan with a starting price of $35,975. With the top-of-the-line TRD trim coming in at almost 43 thousand dollars, it comes as no surprise that this vehicle will be hard to come by for most people on lower or average incomes.

Toyota Avalon vs. Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry and Avalon are both midsize cars with many of the same attributes, but there’s one key difference between these two vehicles. The Camry comes standard with a four-cylinder engine while the more expensive Avalon offers either a V6 or an all-wheel drive four cylinder as its base engine choice. If you’re looking for passenger space then your best bet is to choose the 2018 Toyota Avalon over this year’s less spacious 2019 model, which only features one front row seat in most models.

Toyota Avalon vs. Kia Cadenza

The Kia Cadenza and the Toyota Avalon are two great large cars with similar strengths, so your decision will come down to which car offers more of what you need. The Cadenza comes complete with a longer warranty and better safety features than its competitor while also having an impressive touch screen display that’s larger than in other vehicles. Meanwhile, the Avalon is superior when it comes to fuel economy thanks primarily due to its eco-conscious design all wrapped up in a sleek package for drivers who love performance as much as dynamics.

Interior: Near-Luxury Comfort

Cargo Space

The 2023 Toyota Avalon is one of the most popular models in its class, and it’s no mystery why. With 16.09 cubic feet of trunk space you won’t have to worry about feeling cramped for space when hauling groceries or extra luggage for a family vacation.

How Many People Does the Avalon Seat?

The Avalon seats five people in its comfortable, spacious seating. There is enough head- and legroom for taller passengers to feel completely at home on their ride.

Avalon and Child Car Seats

LATCH connectors are on the seats in your car, so you can install a safety seat and ensure that it is safe. The LATCH system for rear outboard seats scores well with an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rating of Good+. This makes installing a child’s booster or infant carrier quick and easy!

Interior Quality

The Avalon interior is decked out with premium features like soft-touch surfaces and genuine aluminum trim. It also comes in a variety of trims, so you can find the perfect one for your needs!

Infotainment, Bluetooth, and Navigation

The 2023 Toyota Avalon infotainment system, with its easy-to-use touchscreen and physical controls is perfect for any driver. The new Android Auto comes standard in the 2017 model year which makes it easier than ever to use this fantastic system.

The latest touch screen technology combined with a simple interface make operating your vehicle as effortless as possible. With an innovative magnetic charger that attaches seamlessly to the console opening without releasing contact once plugged into place, drivers are able to charge their phone while driving or on break thanks to USB ports available inside and outside of all Avalon trunks.

Performance: Powerful

Avalon Engine

The Toyota Avalon offers plenty of choice for drivers. You can choose whether you want a four-cylinder engine or the more powerful V6, and if opting for the V6 model, there’s also an all-wheel drive option which provides better grip on slippery roads. Every road warrior will enjoy driving with smooth and quick acceleration that comes standard with every transmission type.

Avalon Gas Mileage

The new 2023 Toyota Avalon has a wide range of fuel efficiency options. In the city, if you choose to go with front-wheel drive and purchase an XLE model that comes equipped with V6 engine, then expect 22 mpg; however for those who want better fuel economy but still have all-wheel drive in mind might be more interested in getting 25/34 mpg.

Avalon Ride and Handling

The Avalon is a safe and practical car, but it can also be an exhilarating automobile. The ride has been engineered to handle any road conditions like the smoothest of rides over uneven terrain. If you need more excitement in your life from time-to-time, there are higher performance models available that make driving both exciting and comfortable for everyone on board.


The 2023 Toyota Avalon is predicted to be one of the most reliable cars on the market based off a J.D. Power prediction score that puts it in “Best” category for reliability and with an 84 out of 100 rating, you can feel confident about buying this car knowing your investment will likely pay off over time as far as mechanical issues go.

Which Toyota Avalon Model Is Right for Me?

The 2023 Toyota Avalon is available in five trims: XLE, Limited, Touring, XSE Night Shade and TRD. The base trim has many safety features such as a good number of infotainment and convenience features like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto compatibility with Wi-Fi hotspot capability plus the option to choose between a 301-horsepower V6 engine with front wheel drive or 205 horsepower four cylinder engine with all wheel drive (only one other trim offers this). Every model also comes equipped an eight speed automatic transmission.

The Final Call

The 2023 Toyota Avalon is one of the more popular large sedan cars on the market today. Unlike its competitors, it was designed to not only be spacious and comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing as well. It’s equipped with a variety of standard safety features that are sure to please those who want their car looking out for them while they drive. This vehicle offers exceptional fuel economy alongside quick acceleration so you’re never waiting too long in traffic or at stop lights if need-be.